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Denver & Rio Grande R.R. v. Peterson

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Brief Fact Summary. The facts are not revealed in the casebook.

Synopsis of Rule of Law. The care required of a warehouse man is the same, whether he be rich or poor.

Points of Law - Legal Principles in this Case for Law Students.

Where the verdict is manifestly against the weight of the evidence, it should be set aside.

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Facts. The facts are not revealed in the casebook.

Issue. Is wealth a factor in determining liability under a claim of negligence?

Held. No.
* If a warehousemen’s liability were predicated on his wealth, then it would be possible for an extremely poor warehouseman to incur no liability in a claim of negligence. No one is willing to relieve a warehouseman of liability on the basis of his wealth.

Discussion. This case suggests that the level of care required of a defendant is constant regardless of its wealth.

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