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Contracts Study Buddy Bundle Details

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Contracts Law Bundle Overview

Understanding Law School Video Lecture Series:

Numerous Contracts Law Lecture Videos taught by the most esteemed Law School Professors

Click Here to view the Introduction to Contracts Law Video in the Understanding Video Lecture Series


Professor Notes & Key Comments:

Contracts Law Power Point Slide Decks, Professor Notes, Links, Attachments, and other resources, accompany each video to help you master the subject all written and developed by Law School Professors


PLUS: Each Study Buddy Bundle contains the Complete text of each of the following titles in the Casebriefs platform:


Now, all of your necessary study needs are available in one platform, Casebriefs. No more going back and forth between your computer and the books and vice versa.  You can copy and paste from any Study Buddy content into your own notes. You can also use the Casebriefs tools to take notes directly within your E&E’s and Emanuel’s, and link directly to cases from Casebriefs to specific Study Buddy pages.  By using the Study Buddy Bundle you can perform a host of many more study features that will help you to better understand the law and to give you an edge up. Get the Study Buddy Bundle now for each of your courses.

This Bundle includes the complete Contracts Emanuel Law Outline, 11th Ed., including the following topics:

• The Capsule Summary
• Introduction Click here to review
• Offer and Acceptance
• Consideration
• Promises Binding Without Consideration
• Mistake
• Parol Evidence and Interpretation
• Conditions, Breach, and Other Aspects of Performance
• Anticipatory Repudiation and Other Aspects of Breach
• Statue of Frauds
• Remedies
• Contracts Involving More Than Two Parties
• Impossibility, Impracticability, and Frustration
• Miscellaneous Defenses: Illegality, Duress, Misrepresentation, Unconscionability, and Lack of Capacity
• Warranties
• Discharge of Contracts


This Bundle also includes the complete Contracts Examples & Explanations, 6th Ed., title including the following topics:

• The Meaning of “Contract” and the Basic Attributes of the Contractual Relationship Click here to review
• Facets of the Law of Contract and the Source of Its Rules, Processes, and Traditions The Scope of the Action
• The Doctrine of Precedent and a Contract Case Analysis The Effect of the Judgement
• The Objective Test and Basic Principles of Offer and Acceptance
• Standard Form Contracts and Contracts Through Electronic Media
• Mismatching Standard Terms: The “Battle of the Forms” Under UCC §2.207
• Consideration
• Promissory Estoppel as the Basis for Enforcing Promises
• Unjust Enrichment, Restitution, and “Moral Obligation”
• Interpretation and Construction: Resolving Meaning and Dealing with Uncertainty in Agreements
• The Statute of Frauds
• The Parol Evidence Rule
• The Judicial Regulation of Improper Bargaining and of Violations of Law and Public Policy
• Incapacity
• Mistake, Impracticability, and Frustration of Purpose
• Conditions and Promises
• Breach and Repudiation
• Remedies for Breach of Contract
• Assignment, Delegation, and Third-Party Beneficiaries


Finally, this Bundle also includes the complete Contracts Emanuel CrunchTime, 5th Ed., title including the following topics:

• Flow Charts
• Capsule Summary
• Exam Tips
• Short Answer Questions and Answers
• Multiple Choice Questions and Answers Click here to review
• Essay Exam Questions and Answers

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