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Established in 1995, Casebriefs™ is the #1 brand in digital law study aids.  Created by education experts, the site was redesigned in 2005 as the premier online source to help law students perform in today’s challenging education environment. In 2010, Casebriefs became the most widely used, password free, web site to the law student and pre-law student markets.  In 2015, the platform was again enhanced taking into consideration many user and Partner feedback and suggestions. The Casebriefs team will work with you to create impactful branding and awareness campaigns and experiences.

Casebriefs.com Law Student user profile

– Total Population: 120,000+ Law Students
– Total Monthly Page Views: 4.7M* (Approx. 17% are foreign)
– Session Times: Over 20 minutes
– Age Range: 21-30
– Gender: Female 52% / Male 48%**

Casebriefs.com Pre-Law Student user profile

– Total Population: 110,000+ Pre-Law Students
– Total Monthly Page Views: 1.8M*
– Visitors: More than 71% of all Pre-Law students in a higher education institution
– Subscribers: 17,000+
– Session Times: Over 1 hour
– Age Range: 18-22
– Gender: Female 51% / Male 49%**

*Google Analytics, Q1 2018
**LSAC, March, 2018

Why Advertise with Casebriefs?

– Casebriefs is #1 on both Google and Yahoo! for legal education searches
– Align your brand with one of the most trusted names in Legal Education
– Position your message alongside expert study content
– Reach a targeted student audience with purchase power and influence
– Connect with an engaged audience on a sticky site
– Create customized marketing programs to fit your marketing goals
– Strong marketing alliances with portals, social networking sites, and student brands
– Maximize the impact of your advertising message by partnering with a multimedia brand
this includes, mobile, and other online products

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Targeted Ad Placement
Drive your target audience to your Web site with high-impact ads embedded within the content of Casebriefs.

All of our advertising units can be geographically targeted to reach your audience by location.
Targeting available by city, state, country, and region.

Category Sponsorships
Category sponsorships provide a way to target viewers looking for specific information on Casebriefs: Legal Briefs, Course Outlines, Exam Prep Materials, and the Law School Prep Courses. As a category sponsor, you can rotate or purchase all category real estate for exclusivity. Position your brand within the related content for powerful impact!

The LSAT Prep Course provides expert advice from top law professors to introduce the Pre-law student to the law school experience. This section includes real law school essay exam questions, and an answer for each exam question. All content has been written by prominent law professors. These pages have session times longer than 1 hour and are FREE to read online.

Academic Sharing
Casebriefs provides a unique opportunity to be a sponsor on our academic networking modules where law and pre-law students will socialize and share content and ideas. Casebriefs takes advantage of the latest advancements in digital educational content usage and delivery. These features create a place where students gather online to study with each other.

Reach users as they navigate through Casebriefs with placements on search results pages. Promote your product as the ultimate find.

Please submit the form below and for a Casebriefs Media Kit, or email [email protected].  A brand specialist will then contact you to discuss your campaign needs.

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