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Penn Central Transportation Co. v. City of New York

Citation. 439 U.S. 883; 99 S. Ct. 226; 58 L. Ed. 2d 197; 1978 U.S.
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Brief Fact Summary.

Penn Central, one of New York’s most famous buildings, was French breuax-arts style and a feet of engineering in midtown Manhattan. Developers leasing Penn Central sought to build a multistory office building above the station. A zoning ordinance for the preservation of landmarks had prevented construction.

Synopsis of Rule of Law.

An ordinance restricting a landmark owner from exploitation of certain property interests was not invalid for failure to provide just compensation, where an existing and reasonably profitable use of the building remained unaffected.


Seeking to increase its income, the Appellants, Penn Central Transportation Co. (Appellants), entered into a 50-year renewable lease agreement with a developer company, Union General Properties (UGP). UGP initially sought to construct a 55-story building leaving the terminal intact. Subsequently, UGP designed a 53-story building, which would tear down the 42nd street fa

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