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Idaho v. Vinton

Citation. State v. Vinton, 718 P.2d 1270, 110 Idaho 832,
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Brief Fact Summary.

Husband and Wife, Carl and Marion Vinton, were convicted of manufacturing marijuana. They assert that the Government did not assert sufficient evidence to convict them of growing marijuana.

Synopsis of Rule of Law.

To sustain a conviction, the government must meet their burden of proof by establishing beyond a reasonable doubt that each defendant, as individuals, grew marijuana.


Husband and Wife, Carl and Marion Vinton, Defendants, were convicted of manufacturing marijuana. The police officers conducted a search warrant of their residence and the surrounding property. The officer found a plot of fifty-six marijuana plants approximately fifty yards away from Defendants’ home. Additionally, about three hundred yards northwest of their home, the officers also found one hundred and eight plants of marijuana. The Defendants had a path from their residence that led to the plants of marijuana. Furthermore, the officers found a bong in the Defendants’ residence and another bong in a small cabin were they found marijuana plants being dried. Nevertheless, the Defendants’ contend that there is not any evidence linking them to the marijuana or any evidence that they manufactured it, besides their proximity.


Whether the government offered sufficient evidence to convict Defendants of growing marijuana.


No, the government did not offer sufficient evidence to convict Defendants of growing marijuana.


The government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that each defendant cultivated or assisted in the cultivation of the marijuana. Here, there is evidence that marijuana was cultivated and that the couple was connected to the cultivation. However, the government did not prove that the Carl and Marion Vinton, individually, cultivated the marijuana. Therefore, the government did not meet their burden and the convictions are reversed.

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