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United States v. Bruno

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Brief Fact Summary.

Defendants were involved in a large network that imported, distributed and sold narcotics. Defendant claimed that each portion of the narcotic chain was a separate conspiracy.

Synopsis of Rule of Law.

Defendant knew that successful execution of his venture in part depended on successful completion of other activities; therefore he was part of the large conspiracy.


Defendant was indicted along with 86 others for a conspiracy to import, sell and possess narcotics. Defendant alleges that there were three separate conspiracies. Defendant claims there was one agreement to actually import the drugs, one agreement to distribute and another agreement to sell narcotics in different states. Defendant appealed based on this contention and alleged he was only a member of one of these conspiracies and that these agreements do not constitute a single conspiracy.


Whether the evidence was sufficient to support the Government’s contention that a single conspiracy existed.


The conspirators knew that there were others necessary to make the venture work and that the unlawful business would not and could not stop with their buyers.

Success of that part of the conspiracy in which Defendant was involved was dependant upon the success of the other parts. Each part of the agreement was a necessary ling in a scheme as a whole.


The Court focused on the fact that Defendants involved in this conspiracy knew that there were other individuals that were necessary in order for the individual Defendants to be successful at their portion of the chain. This knowledge of other parts was the key to the Court’s analysis determining that a single conspiracy existed.

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