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Barron v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore

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Constitutional Law Keyed to Chemerinsky

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Citation. 32 U.S. 243, 8 L. Ed. 672, 1833 U.S.

Brief Fact Summary. The Plaintiff, Baron (Plaintiff), a wharf owner sued the Defendant, the city of Baltimore (Defendant) for taking his property without compensation in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution (Constitution).

Synopsis of Rule of Law. The Bill of Rights does not apply to state and local government, only to Federal government.

Facts. The Plaintiff sued the Defendant because they ruined his wharf by diverting streams and making water too shallow for his boats. The Plaintiff claimed that the city took his property without just compensation and in violation of the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution

Issue. Does the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution apply to local government?
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