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Polycast Technology Corp. v. Uniroyal, Inc

    Brief Fact Summary. Plaintiffs, Polycast Technology Corporation et al., filed a motion prior to the end of discovery to request an expedited trial.

    Synopsis of Rule of Law. A party should wait until the end of discovery before requesting stipulations to the timing of the trial.

    Facts. Plaintiffs submitted a motion to expedite a trial that they estimate will take ten weeks. If the trial judge’s calendar does not permit an early trial, they asked for the trial to be reassigned to another senior judge. Defendant, Uniroyal, Inc., argue that a motion on the trial timing is premature since they intend on motioning for a summary judgment after discovery is completed.

    Issue. The issue is whether Plaintiffs’ motion to expedite the trial is premature as it is filed prior to the close of discovery.

    Held. The court agreed with Defendant that the motion was premature. It did not make sense to make a decision on expediting a trial that may not happen depending on the outcome of Defendant’s summary motion. Plaintiffs can move for the expedited trial after discovery and after the judge has determined the merits of Defendant’s summary judgment motion.

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    Mail or wire fraud consists of the following elements: (1) formation of a scheme or artifice to defraud; (2) use of the United States mails or wires in furtherance of the scheme; and (3) specific intent to deceive or defraud.

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    Discussion. The court did not consider Plaintiff’s motion ripe.

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