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The world's largest case brief library
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Master each one of your cases with the world’s largest database of case briefs for law students.  Each case brief follows the traditional law school IRAC methodology

Hundreds of On-Demand Professor Prep Courses

Quick, short, and to-the-point, “Black Letter” Law videos covering each topic you learn in law school.

Course Outlines

A complete, comprehensive course outline that outlines the entire course for you

Quick Notes & Takeaways

Each video is accompanied by a precise bullet points telling you exactly what you need to learn and takeaway from the video

“Big Picture” - Topic Specific Outlines

Mini outlines covering the largest law school topics.  Each Mini outline is precise and to the point


Charts outlining for you the legal process and analysis allowing you to completely understand all sides of the issue

Exam Prep
  • Essay Questions: Previously used, real-life exam questions used by Law Professors with complete answers and accompanying explanations
  • Multiple Choice Questions: Real-life multiple choice questions for each of your courses.  Each question and answer set has been previously used in a real exam setting

Example hypothetical questions presented to you reviewing the most widely taught topics in law school.  Each “hypo” is accompanied by a full video explanation by one of our expert Law Professors

Video Slide Deck

Each Professor video is accompanied by its slide deck so that you may download and print for ease of review

Audio Lectures

Each course includes a “Big Picture” audio review that discusses the fundamentals of the course and the main topics you need to understand to master the course.  Great for on-the-go review

Create Your Own Library

Each portion of Casebriefs and your Study Buddy can be stored in your own personal course library.  Great for end-of-the-term review and exam prep

Free Law Dictionary

Have your own legal dictionary built within the Casebriefs platform.  At any time, you may type in a legal term to confirm your understanding and not waste time

Custom Notepad

Built within Casebriefs is the ability to add your own notes to any content in Casebriefs and in Your StudyBuddy.  Your personal cloud-based Notepad allows you to add your Professor notes, and personal notes to save time for end-of-term exam prep and review


Print any written content in Casebriefs and Your StudyBuddy to take with you to class and your study group

“The videos are the most beneficial tool I use to help me understand each topic we are reviewing in my law classes.”

Valerie R., 2L
New York Law School

“The briefs, outlines, exam prep and especially the flow charts I use as necessary steps
each day to allow me to stay ahead and to not fall behind on the enormous work we have as law students.”

Michelle S., 3L
University of Akron Law School

“StudyBuddy is the most beneficial resource I am using to help me get through law school. There is no substitute!”

Brian R., 2L
Stetson College of Law

“The most complete set of law school study supplements. I don’t need anything else.”

Beth A., 2L
Depaul Law School

“The best case briefs that enable me to understand each of our cases even before I read it”

Michael B., 2L
Southwestern Law School
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