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StudyBuddy – Fall 2018 Exam Prep Workshops

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Torts                 Strict Liability:    Ultra Hazardous and Wild Animals
Contracts         Damages

Torts                  Products Liability
Civil Pro            Venue and Service
Property            Fixtures, Licenses, Profits
Criminal Law   Rape and Arson
Torts                  Defamation
Contracts          Third Party Rights
Civ Pro              Summary Judgment
Con Law           State Action and Equal Protection

Property           Easements, Covenants, Equitable Servitudes
Criminal Law  Defenses and Self Defense
Torts                 Privacy Torts and Nuisance
Con Law          Freedom of Speech
Civ Pro             Multiple Parties
Con Law          Procedural and Substantive DP
Property          Conveyancing
Civ Pro             Multiple Claims

Property          Mortgages
Con Law          Freedom of Religion
Civ Pro            Discovery
Civ Pro            Erie

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