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Introduction to the LSAT – 8 Week Prep Course

Introduction to the LSAT

Welcome to the How I Compare LSAT Prep Course working in conjunction with Casebriefs – the most widely used site for Law Students.  By participating in this prep course you will prepare yourself for taking the LSAT exam required for your law school admissions applications. Over the course of the next 8 weeks, each and every topic on the LSAT exam will be covered in an easy to follow and understand format. Our lecturer, Sean Murphy, has been educating thousands of LSAT taking students for more than 13 years, and has been an LSAT instructor for the Princeton Review, TestMasters, and most recently Knewton. Additionally, each time Sean has taken the LSAT exam he has scored better than 99 percent of all students taking that particular exam.

Please follow the syllabus in the order that is presented, and Good Luck with your studies and your future legal career!

Table of Contents

Week 1: Practice Test and Introduction to Logical Reasoning
Week 2: Introduction to Logic Games and Aspects of Logical Reasoning
Week 3: Practice Test and Inference and Disagreement Questions
Week 4: Strengthening, Weakening, and Paradox Questions
Week 5: Introduction to Reading Comprehension, Grouping Games, and Assumption Questions
Week 6: Flawed Reasoning and Reading Comprehension II
Week 7: Advanced Sequencing and Hybrid games and Parallel Reasoning and Principle Questions
Week 8: Practice Test, Review

Before you begin your LSAT Course Prep, make sure to do the following:

  • Watch Lesson 1, an Introduction to the LSAT.
    • Workbook Review – Lesson 1
      • (Note, you may wish to print each Workbook Lesson to make it easier to follow the lecture.)


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