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The contention of the High Penn Oil Company that the complaint states a cause of action based solely on negligence is untenable. To be sure, the plaintiffs assert that the defendants were ‘negligent and careless’ in specified particulars in constructing and operating the oil refinery. When the complaint is construed as a whole, however, it alleges facts which show a private nuisance resulting from an intentional and unreasonable invasion of the plaintiffs’ interest in the use and enjoyment of their land. [Cc] For the reasons given, the evidence is sufficient to withstand the motion of the High Penn Oil Company for a compulsory nonsuit.
* * *

New trial as to the High Penn Oil Company. Reversed as to the Southern Oil Transportation Company.

Oscar H. BOOMER et al., Appellants, v. ATLANTIC CEMENT COMPANY, Inc.

New York Court of Appeals
March 4, 1970.
BERGAN, Judge.
Defendant operates a large cement plant near Albany. These are actions for injunction and damages by neighboring land owners alleging injury to property from dirt, smoke and vibration emanating from the plant. A nuisance has been found after trial, temporary damages have been allowed; but an injunction has been denied.

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