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Hague v. Committee for Industrial Organization

    Brief Fact Summary. City prohibited the distribution of labor union leaflets on public sidewalks.

    Synopsis of Rule of Law. People have the right to use public spaces for any lawful purpose free of government restraint.

    Facts. Respondent, Committee for Industrial Organization tried to organize a labor union. Petitioner, Hague deliberately excluded and removed all agents of Respondents from Jersey City. Petitioner also prohibited the distribution of informational leaflets.

    Issue. Can city regulatory use of its property to restrict speech?

    Held. No. Affirm the holding of the lower court. The ordinance is void on its face.

    Discussion. Parks, sidewalks, and public streets have always been recognized as legitimate places for community gatherings and communication. Therefore, any restraint on public speech that occurs in such a forum is unconstitutional.

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