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In Re Convergent Technologies Securities Litigation

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Citation. 108 F.R.D. 328, 1985 U.S. Dist. 3 Fed. R. Serv. 3d (Callaghan) 1290

Brief Fact Summary. Parties were unable to agree on the propriety of certain
interrogatories, so they sought judicial oversight and relief.

Synopsis of Rule of Law. The pretrial discovery process should be executed by the
individual parties and should have minimal judicial intervention.

Facts. A discovery dispute ensued over when to serve the answers to contention
interrogatories. This discovery dispute between counsel cost the clients over $40,000.
Defendants served more than 1,000 questions. Many of these questions sought facts,
which Plaintiffs contended supported certain allegations about what Defendants had done
in violation of securities law. The parties sought judicial oversight and relief to determine
when certain interrogatories should be answered.

Issue. When should Plaintiffs answer contention interrogatories served by Defendants?

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