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Study Buddy Bundle Overview

Everything you need for Law School Success

is included in your subscription!


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Hundreds of Expert 1L Topic Lecture Videos taught by the most esteemed Law School Professors

  • The complete title of ALL 6 Courses for: Emanuel Law Outlines, Examples and Explanations, Emanuel Crunch Time

    • These study aids are ranked the most popular among Law Students as they are equally as helpful from the first day of class through the final exam.
    • Includes thousands of practice exam questions from real Law School exams.


  • Understanding Law School Video Lecture Series™ 

    • Produced and delivered video content by some of the most esteemed law professors, these videos will enable you to reinforce the various legal topics you are currently learning in each one of your Law School classes.
    • Includes hundreds of hypothetical questions from real Law School exams.
 View the Introduction to Torts Law Video in the Understanding Video Lecture Series
  •  Professor Notes and Key Comments™

    • Notes and Key Comments from current 1L Professors detailing what your professor is going to request from you on each 1L course exam. Included are links, charts, and other attachments, that diagram for you the roadmap from the hypothetical question to the final outcome.


Learn more about each of the 6 Courses included in the Study Buddy Bundle:




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