Outlines and Flowcharts

Topic Outline.  A market first.  Written only by Law Professors, each Lesson contains a specific, succinct outline only for that topic being discussed in the Lesson.  Forget sifting through large, voluminous outlines, get exactly the ‘mini outline’ you need for you to master the topic.  Copy and paste and use in your own outline.

Course Outline.  As part of a larger outline, you can see how that topic fits within the larger scope of the Course.

Big Picture Outline.  A quick outline describing for you the main points of the entire Course in less than 10 pages.  Copy and paste and use to assist in your overall Course outline.

Flowcharts and Notes.  Most Lessons contain a Flowchart that maps out the legal analysis of that particular legal topic.  Professor Notes are also included enabling you to obtain the true thought-process understanding of what a Professor would like for you to gain in that topic as it relates to the Course as a whole.