Q: Is there a difference between StudyBuddy and StudyBuddy Pro?

A: Yes, StudyBuddy is in our “web” interface, StudyBuddy Pro is a separate platform that includes everything in web interface, but makes everything more user friendly and better in the Pro platform.


Q: Is there an extra cost to the StudyBuddy Pro platform?

A: No, if you subscribed to StudyBuddy you are automatically upgraded at no cost to the StudyBuddy Pro platform.


Q: How can I try the StudyBuddy Pro platform before I wish to pay for it?

A: StudyBuddy and StudyBuddy Pro offer a no risk, cancel at any time 14 Day Free Trial. Simply click here, fill out the subscription form and use StudyBuddy and StudyBuddy Pro at no risk to you.


Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

A: You may cancel your subscription, at any time and for any reason, by simply requesting a cancellation to [email protected]


Q: I am trying to review one of the Study Assets such at the Topic Outline or Flowchart and it does not appear. How can I review this Asset?

A: Please simply refresh your page and that study Asset will appear