Course Exam Prep

StudyBuddy Pro contains more practice exam allowing you to master each Course than any other platform.  Almost 5,000 unique questions and Professor answer and explanations are included to assist in your exam prep and bar prep.

Course Multiple Choice Q&A.  10 separate and distinct multiple choice exams for the entire Course.  Each exam encompasses questions containing all of the topics in a particular Course delivered to you in a random basis.  Each question is then graded for you and you may view the correct answer and explanation from the Professor.

Course Essay Exams.  5-10 multi-question Essay Exams are included with each Course.  The exam questions are from previous real law school exams, and test your complete understanding of the Course.   You may view the Professor’s answer for each of the essay exam questions once completed with each essay exam.

Course Podcast.  Our professors share with you an overall structure and understanding of the Course in an on-the-go, listen to format.   Use the Podcast to assist in your overall exam prep study structure.