The Lesson DashboardStudyBuddy Pro contains many “market first” and “best of breed” law school study assets contained in a unique Lesson Dashboard.  Many of our learning tools and assets have never before been available prior to the Pro release.  Use the Lesson Dashboard to reinforce and master each of your legal topics.

Casebriefs™, our premiere product dating back to 1995.  Today, Casebriefs maintains the largest database of IRAC structured casebriefs.  Almost each and every business day of the year new casebriefs are being included into the Casebriefs library.

Now, in StudyBuddy Pro, each casebrief that is a 1L subject casebrief and a Bar Course casebrief, there exists a green button at the bottom of each brief which when clicked takes you directly to a complete dashboard of study assets that assists you to efficiently understand not only that case, but the specific legal topic that case concerns.