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 I think SB Pro is incredibly helpful. It's organized beautifully by topics and sub-topics and has a wealth of information. It allows students to look up a subject they don't understand, review the law, instructional videos on the topic, and then test themselves right away on the concepts. It's basically a one stop shop for not only surviving but also thriving in law school.

 I had law students last year who said this was a game-changer for them. They were able to truly utilize the resources provided and it made things easier to manage in their 1L year.

 Study Buddy Pro is an invaluable tool for all law students. It is easy to navigate and provides a number of resources to help a law student succeed, such as case briefs (keyed to specific law textbooks), mini essays, questions, outlines, as well as other materials. I highly recommend StudyBuddy Pro to law students.

Professor Hemanth Gundavaram

Northeastern University School of Law
Professor Of The Year, 2019

Heather Kenny, Head Attorney Instructor

2016 Professor of the Year

Sheri Mason, Esq.

Law Tutor for 10+ years

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On-Demand Professor
Prep Lessons

Hundreds of quick and to-the-point “Black Letter Law” videos covering every doctrinal 1L through 3L topic you learn in law school.  The most complete and comprehensive law school topic video library.


Case Briefs – World’s Largest Library of I.R.A.C. Written Case Briefs

Succeed in understanding each “element” of your case briefs by mastering the topic, issue, rule and understanding for all of your cases in each of your courses.

“Topic” - “Course” – and “Big Picture” Outlines

Included are hundreds of Professor Structured and Written “Topic Specific Outlines” for mastery of each Course Topic.  Also included are “Complete Course Outlines” showing you how Topics fit into the overall Course Structure.  Finally, “Big Picture Outlines” are included to give you an easy-to-understand Course Overview.  All Outlines are downloadable.

Largest Review Question Database with Professor Answers and Explanations

More than 4,100 + Professor Developed Multiple Choice “Topic” and “Course” Questions. Questions are segmented by Topic so you can test yourself on each course Topic. Then, prepare for your exams by testing yourself on timed, complete Course quizzes and tests.  All Topic and Course questions are accompanied by a Model answer sharing with you the correct answer and discussed by a Law Professor.

Largest Issue “Spotting Essay” Prep Series

Professor developed, used in real law exam, issue-spotting “Topic” and “Course” mini essay and full essay exam prep questions. Review mini-essay issue spotters for daily Topic review and test yourself during exam prep time with full-course issue-spotting questions. All questions have Model Answers by Law Professors.

“Exam Prep Workshop Series™”

Professor delivered videos reviewing with you how to read, analyze, dissect and then answer a real law school exam question.  Understand how your Professor will expect you to successfully answer an exam question for maximum credit.

Law School “Utility” Guides

Written only by esteemed Law Professors, a complete series of “How to Guides” that review with you law school basics from case briefing to course outlining and proper exam preparation.


 The briefs, outlines, exam prep and especially the flow charts I use as necessary steps each day to allow me to stay ahead and to not fall behind on the enormous work we have as law students.

 The videos are the most beneficial tool I use to help me understand each topic we are reviewing in my law classes.

 StudyBuddy is the most beneficial resource I am using to help me get through law school. There is no substitute!

 The most complete set of law school study supplements. I don’t need anything else.

 The best case briefs that enable me to understand each of our cases even before I read it

Michelle S., 2L

University Of Akron Law School

Valerie R., 2L

New York Law School

Brian R., 2L

Stetson College of Law

Beth A., 2L

Depaul Law School

Michael B., 2L

Southwestern Law School