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CONSIDER: What is “Property.” How do you come to “own” something, and why is ownership allotted to you and not some other claimant? If you do “own” something, so what?

JACQUE V. STEENBERG HOMES, INC. 563 N.W.2d 154 (Wis.1997)

Steenberg Homes had a mobile home to deliver. On the morning of delivery, Mr. Jacque observed the mobile home parked on the corner of the town road adjacent to his property. He decided to find out where the movers planned to take the home. The movers, who were Steenberg employees, showed Mr. Jacque the path they planned to take with the mobile home to reach the neighbor’s lot. The path cut across the Jacques’ land. Mr. Jacque informed the movers that it was the Jacques’ land they were planning to cross and that Steenberg did not have permission to cross their land. He told them that Steenberg had been refused permission to cross the Jacques’ land. [After much argument, Steenberg’s] assistant manager asked Mr. Jacque how much money it would take to get permission. Mr. Jacque responded that it was not a question of money; the Jacques just did not want Steenberg to cross their land. Mr. Jacque testified that he told Steenberg to “[F]ollow the road, that is what the road is for.”

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