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Exam Question for Contracts Section

A busy executive of a major international company needs to hire an assistant to deal with public relations and press issues. She has an ad posted in various newspapers, announcing the position, describing it, and inviting applications. After examining the applications, busy executive chooses three finalists and interviews. She is particularly impressed by one of them and convinces him to take her job offer and forego others. “We’ll better their salary and prestige ultimately,” she tells the twenty-one-year-old. “There’s a six-month training period, but you’ll get through that just fine,” she indicates after they have shaken hands. The trainee asks about salary, benefits, and duties, but the busy executive shrugs off the questions with a terse reply: “We have a set policy on all these matters. …Ask the personnel and human resource department when you start.” The trainee is fired after two weeks because the busy executive wants someone else. He files suit, but the company responds that it is its policy to arbitrate all employment disputes.

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