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After each oral order was placed, the price, if any, quoted by the buyer was checked against Collins & Aikman’s price list, and the credit department was consulted to determine if The Carpet Mart had paid for all previous shipments. After it was found that everything was in order, Collins & Aikman’s order department typed the information concerning the particular order on one of its printed acknowledgment forms. Each acknowledgment form bore one of three legends: “Acknowledgment,” “Customer Acknowledgment,” or “Sales Contract.” The following provision was printed on the face of the forms bearing the “Acknowledgment” legend:
“The acceptance of your order is subject to all of the terms and conditions on the face and reverse side hereof, including arbitration, all of which are accepted by buyer; it supersedes buyer’s order form, if any. [Emphasis added by editor.] It shall become a contract either (a) when signed and delivered by buyer to seller and accepted in writing by seller, or (b) at Seller’s option, when buyer shall have given to seller specification of assortments, delivery dates, shipping instructions, or instructions to bill and hold as to all or any part of the merchandise herein described, or when buyer has received delivery of the whole or any part thereof, or when buyer has otherwise assented to the terms and conditions hereof.

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