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A Contract of Adhesion

Louis after respondents allegedly defaulted on an equipment lease by failing to make monthly payments for the computer equipment they leased from appellant. The trial court, without issuing findings of fact or conclusions of law, summarily denied the petition for breach of the lease after apparently concluding that the lease was a contract of adhesion. We reverse and remand.
Respondent The Insurance Man, Inc., (Insurance Man) as lessee contracted with appellant as lessor for certain computer equipment. Respondent Thomas Saulsberry is the sole owner of Insurance Man. Saulsberry and respondent Jo Ann Reese signed the lease individually as guarantors. Under the terms of the lease, Insurance Man was to select computer equipment carried by vendor Multitask, Inc., which appellant would purchase and in turn lease to respondent. Insurance Man was to make monthly payments of $229.16 to lease the equipment for a term of 36 months beginning July 1, 1986. The lease required an initial payment for the first and last months. On the front of the lease under the caption “Terms and Conditions of Lease” appeared the following provisions: 1) as between lessor and lessee the lessor makes no express or implied warranties of the condition, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose and that the equipment was “as is”, and 2) regardless of the condition or operability of the equipment lessee was to make the monthly payments to lessor and should make all claims solely against vendor.

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