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Here are 26 multiple-choice questions, in a Multistate Bar Exam style. These questions are taken from “The Finz Multistate Method,” a compendium of 1100 questions in the Multistate subjects written by the late Professor Steven Finz and published by Wolters Kluwer. To learn more about this book and other study aids, go to www.WKlegaledu.com.

1.  Prescott, who owned an appliance repair shop, was at a cocktail party when he saw Dresden, one of his competitors. Approaching Dresden, Prescott said, “I’m glad to run into you. I was hoping that we could discuss the possibility of going into partnership instead of competing with each other.” Dresden responded, “I wouldn’t go into business with you because you’re the most incompetent person I’ve ever known.”Audit, a customer of Prescott’s, overheard the conversation. As a result, the following day, Audit cancelled a contract which she had with Prescott.

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