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Note: Here are 69 short-answer questions adapted from the Law in a Flash set on Torts.

1. Juliet is gazing at the stars from her balcony, exclaiming dreamily, “Romeo, Romeo, where art thou, Romeo?” A voice from below responds, “Here I am, you moron, give me a hand up.” Juliet looks down and sees Romeo climbing up to the balcony. Before she has a chance to help, Romeo loses his footing, and falls, breaking his arm. Juliet races downstairs and tries to set the arm, even though Romeo tells her that she should wait for a doctor. Juliet makes the break much worse by moving the arm the wrong way. Has Juliet committed a battery even though she was only trying to help? 2. Calvin takes his mean-tempered pet tiger, Hobbes, out for a walk to terrorize the neighborhood. He sees little Susie Derkins playing across the street, and yells to her, as he walks toward her, “Hey, you stupid girl! Why don’t you come over and say hello to Hobbes!” Calvin’s intent is to frighten Susie, but nothing more. Susie stands, frozen with fear. Hobbes snarls at Susie, straining at his leash. The leash breaks, and Hobbes runs over and attacks Susie. Is Calvin liable to Susie for battery?

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