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Barlow Burke acknowledges the helpful and patient research of his research assistants, Les Anderson, Athena Cheng, Stephanie Quaranta, Rachel Rueben, Meryl Eschen Mills, Michael Gonzalez, and Stacy Pine, while they were law students. He also acknowledges with appreciation the financial support, over several summers, of the Washington College of Law, American University. Joseph Snoe appreciates Valerie Price, Judy McAlister, and Grace Simms for their help with the manuscript. He also thanks the Cumberland School of Law, Samford University, for its support. We are both grateful for the guidance of the several anonymous reviewers of this manuscript provided by Wolters Kluwer, the many comments of students and professors on the previous editions, and for the editorial work of Carol McGeehan, Jessica Barmack, Eric Holt, John Lyman, Vincent Nordhaus, Sarah Zobel, Margaret Rehberger, and Susan McClung at Wolters Kluwer and Paul Sobel at The Froebe Group—all gave their professional best. Aside from the above, we acknowledge our limitations, inevitable and otherwise, in attempting to pull so diverse a subject within the covers of one book, and look forward to the diverse suggestions of readers for the improvement of this edition of Property: Examples & Explanations.



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