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Abbreviations Used in Text

Abbreviations Used in Text


B,C&S—Browder, Cunningham, et. al., Basic Property Law (5th Ed. 1989)

C&J—Cribbet, Johnson, et. al., Cases and Materials on Property (6th Ed. 1990)

C&L—Casner and Leach, Cases and Text on Property (3d Ed. 1984, with 1989 Supplement)

D&K—Dukeminier and Krier, Property (3d Ed. 1993)

DKA&S—Dukeminier, Krier, Alexander & Schill, Property (7th Ed. 2010)

RKK&A—Rabin, Kwall, Kwall and Arnold, Fundamentals of Modern Real Property Law (6th Ed. 2011)

Singer—Joseph W. Singer, Property Law: Rules, Policies and Practices (5th Ed. 2010).


A.L.P.—A.J. Casner, Ed., American Law of Property (1952, with 1976 Supplement)

Brown—Ray Brown, The Law of Personal Property (3d Ed. 1975)

Burby—William Burby, Handbook of the Law of Real Property (3d Ed. 1965)

Cribbet—John Cribbet, Principles of the Law of Property (3d Ed. 1989)

C, S&W — Cunningham, Stoebuck & Whitman, The Law of Property (2nd Ed. 1993)

Land Use Nutshell—Wright and Webber, Land Use in a Nutshell (2d Ed. 1985)

Moynihan—Cornelius Moynihan, Introduction to the Law of Real Property (1962)

Nutshell—Roger Bernhardt, Real Property in a Nutshell (2d Ed. 1981)

Powell—Powell and Rohan, Powell on Real Property (Abridged Ed., 1968)

S&W—Stoebuck & Whitman, The Law of Property (3d Ed. 2000)

Williams—Norman Williams, Amer. Planning Law: Land Use and the Police Power (1974)


Rest.—Restatement of the Law of Property (1936)

Rest.2d—Restatement of the Law Second, Property (Landlord & Tenant; Donative Transfers) (1977-79; 1983, 1986)

Rest.3d (Mortgages)—Restatement of the Law Third, Property (Mortgages) (1997)

Rest.3d (Servitudes)—Restatement of the Law Third, Property (Servitudes) (2000)

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