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Ballew v. Georgia

Brief Fact Summary. Petitioner was convicted by a fiver person jury.

Synopsis of Rule of Law. “Because of the fundamental importance of the jury trial to the American system of criminal justice, any further reduction [of the number of members on a jury below six] that promotes inaccurate and possibly biased decisionmaking [sic], that causes untoward differences in verdicts, and that prevents juries from truly representing their communities, attains constitutional significance.”

Points of Law - Legal Principles in this Case for Law Students.

At some point, this decline leads to inaccurate factfinding and incorrect application of the common sense of the community to the facts.

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Facts. “Petitioner was convicted on two misdemeanor counts of distributing obscene material by a five-person jury impaneled according to Georgia law.”

“Whether a further reduction in the size of the state criminal jury.

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