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This book bears the name of its “authors.” But it required the hard work, assistance, and sacrifice of many people. Our students contributed helpful comments on many of the examples in this book, thereby protecting future students from the foibles found in earlier versions. Research assistants, particularly Laura Anglin, Jenifer Hanlon, Tara Manley, and Anne-Marie Sargent at Seattle University School of Law, and Rebecca Abeln, Deawn Hersini, Christin Keele, Chris Moberg, Tina Parsley, and Katherine Schoofs at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. Moral support was provided by our respective Deans—Rayman Solomon, Jim Bond, and Burnele Powell. The tedious and frustrating job of reading our scribbles and making sense of them fell to wonderful and indefatigable secretaries: Noreen Slease at Seattle University, Norma Karn at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law, and Debi Leak at Rutgers University, whose good humor kept us both on an even keel. We wish especially to thank our respective spouses, Karen Garfing and Evelyn La Fond, for their continuing tolerance and patient support.

We wish to thank the following copyright holder who kindly granted permission to reprint excerpts from the following material:

Model Penal Code and Commentaries, Copyright © 1985 by The American Law Institute. Reprinted with permission.

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