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Here are 26 multiple-choice questions, in a Multistate Bar Exam style. These questions are taken from “The Finz Multistate Method,” a compendium of 1100 questions in the Multistate subjects written by the late Professor Steven Finz and published by Wolters Kluwer. To learn more about this book and other study aids, go to www.wklegaledu.com.

1. On Darr's birthday, his friend Mead gave him a new television as a gift. The following day, when Darr opened the box and began using the television, he noticed that there was no warranty document with it. Darr phoned Mead and asked Mead for the missing warranty document. Mead said, “I can't give it to you because the television was stolen.” Darr kept the television and continued using it. Darr was guilty of

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