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Thank you for buying this book.

The CrunchTime Series is intended for people who want Emanuel quality, but don’t have the time or money to buy and use the full-length Emanuel Law Outline on a subject. We’ve designed the series to be used in the last few weeks (or even less) before your final exams.

This book includes the following features, some of which have been extracted from the corresponding Emanuel Law Outline:

  • Flow Charts — We’ve reduced most principles of Criminal Law to a series of 8 Flow Charts, created specially for this book and never published elsewhere. We think these will be especially useful on open-book exams. The Flow Charts begin on p. 1.

  • Capsule Summary — This is a 123-page summary of the subject. We’ve carefully crafted it to cover the things you’re most likely to be asked on an exam. The Capsule Summary starts on p. 47.

  • Exam Tips — We’ve compiled these by reviewing dozens of actual past essay and multiple-choice questions asked in past law-school and bar exams, and extracting the issues and “tricks” that surface most often on exams. The Exam Tips start on p. 175.

  • Short-Answer questions — These questions are generally in a Yes/No format, with a “mini-essay” explaining each one. They’ve been adapted from our Law in a Flash Series. The questions start on p. 233.

  • Multiple-Choice questions — These are in a Multistate-Bar-Exam style, and were adapted from a book we publish called The Finz Multistate Method. They start on p. 279.

  • Essay questions — These questions are actual ones asked on law school exams. They start on p. 301.

My deepest thanks go to my colleagues at Wolters Kluwer, Barbara Roth and Barbara Lasoff, who have helped greatly to assure the reliability and readability of this and my other books.

Good luck in your Criminal Law course. If you’d like any other Wolters Kluwer publication, you can find it at your bookstore or at www.wklegaledu.com. If you’d like to contact me, you can email me at [email protected].

Steve Emanuel
Larchmont, NY
March 2015

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