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    15. Mildred and Bonnie were college students who needed money. One night, Mildred suggested that they hold up a local convenience store. When Bonnie told her that she was afraid to get involved in a robbery, Mildred offered to go into the store alone if Bonnie would wait outside in the car with the engine running so that they could make a getaway after the robbery. Bonnie agreed on condition that they split the take. The following day, they went together to a sporting goods store where Mildred purchased a shotgun. That night, Bonnie drove Mildred to the convenience store and waited in the parking lot with the engine running. Mildred went into the store with the shotgun hidden in a paper bag. Once inside, she pointed it at the store clerk and made him give her the contents of the cash register. Then she ran out to the car. When Bonnie saw Mildred running toward the car, she became frightened and drove away without waiting for Mildred.

    Bonnie is guilty of

    (A) conspiracy only.

    (B) robbery only.

    (C) conspiracy and robbery.

    (D) either conspiracy or robbery, but not both.

    16. A statute prohibited the sale of liquor between the hours of midnight and 8 A.M. When a customer came into Donohue’s liquor store and asked to buy a bottle of liquor, Donohue looked at the clock and saw that it said five minutes past eleven, so he sold the liquor to the customer. Donohue believed that the clock was correct and did not realize that the previous day the state had changed from standard time to daylight savings time. In fact, the correct time was five minutes past midnight.

    If Donohue is charged with attempting to violate the statute, he should be found

    (A) guilty, because he sold liquor between midnight and 8 A.M.

    (B) guilty, if he should have known the actual time.

    (C) not guilty, unless the statute did not require specific intent.

    (D) not guilty, because he believed that the time was five minutes past eleven.

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