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2. If Sam is charged with conspiracy, a court will probably find him

(A) guilty, because he knowingly aided and abetted in the commission of a crime.

(B) guilty, because he committed an overt act in furtherance of an agreement to throw away Vanney’s medicine.

(C) not guilty, because he did not agree to commit any crime.

(D) not guilty, because John effectively withdrew from any conspiracy which existed.

3. If John is charged with the murder of Vanney, a court will probably find him

(A) guilty, because he and Tom agree to throw away Vanney’s medicine in the hope that doing so would cause Vanney’s death.

(B) guilty, because he aided and abetted in causing Vanney’s death.

(C) not guilty, because he did not physically participate in throwing away Vanney’s medicine.

(D) not guilty, because he withdrew from the conspiracy before any overt act was committed.

4. Larraby worked as a lifeguard from 5 P.M. to 8 P.M. every night at a public swimming pool operated by the City of Muni. At 8 P.M., Larraby told her boss she was going and left, although the pool had become quite crowded with adults and young children. At 9 P.M., Susan, a nine-year-old child, fell into the pool, striking her head against its edge. Watcher, one of the adults swimming in the pool, saw Susan fall and realized that the child would drown if someone did not rescue her. Watcher had seen Larraby leave and knew that there was no lifeguard present, but made no effort to rescue Susan although Watcher was a strong swimmer and could easily have done so with no risk to herself. Susan drowned. If Watcher is charged with criminal homicide in the death of Susan, the court should find her

(A) guilty, because she could have saved Susan without any risk to herself.

(B) guilty, if she knew that she was the only person present who was aware of Susans’s plight and who was able to rescue her.

(C) not guilty, unless she was related to Susan.

(D) not guilty, because she had no duty to aid Susan.

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