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    (C) It was reasonable for Bonnie to believe that Alice was reaching into her pocket for a gun.

    (D) The force which Bonnie used was not deadly.

    22. Assume that Alice is charged with attempted murder. If Alice asserts the privilege of self-defense, she will most probably be found

    (A) guilty, if it was reasonable for Bonnie to believe that Alice was reaching into her pocket for a gun.

    (B) guilty, because Alice’s injury was not serious enough to result in death.

    (C) guilty, because the fact that Alice was carrying a pistol is evidence of premeditation.

    (D) not guilty.

    23. Dennison was having dinner in a restaurant with his employer Vale, when Vale left the table to go the restroom. As Vale walked away, Dennison noticed that Vale’s wristwatch had fallen off Vale’s wrist onto the table. Since it looked like a rather valuable watch, Dennison decided to steal it. Picking up the watch, he put it into his pocket. A few moments later, he began to feel guilty about stealing from his employer, so when Vale returned to the table, Dennison handed him the watch and said, “Here, you dropped this, and I put it into my pocket for safekeeping.”

    Which is the most serious crime of which Dennison can be properly convicted?

    (A) Larceny.

    (B) Attempted larceny.

    (C) Embezzlement.

    (D) No crime.

    Questions 24-25 are based on the following fact situation.

    Vena was addicted to heroin, and frequently committed acts of prostitution to obtain the money she needed to buy drugs. One night she was out looking for customers for prostitution when she was approached by Dorian who asked what her price was. When she told him that she would have intercourse with him for $20, he said that he would get the money from a friend and see her later. When Vena went home several hours later, Dorian was waiting inside her apartment. He said that he wanted to have sex with her, but when Vena repeated her demand for $20, he said that he had no money. She told him to get out or she would call the police. Dorian took a knife from his pocket, saying that if she did not have intercourse with him he would kill her. Silently, Vena took off her clothes and had intercourse with him.

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