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Here are 26 multiple-choice Texts, in a Multistate Bar Exam style. These Texts are taken from “The Finz Multistate Method,” a compendium of 1100 Texts in the Multistate subjects written by the late Professor Steven Finz and published by Wolters Kluwer. To learn more about this book and other study aids, go to www.wklegaledu.com.

1. On Darr’s birthday, his friend Mead gave him a new television as a gift. The following day, when Darr opened the box and began using the television, he noticed that there was no warranty document with it. Darr phoned Mead and asked Mead for the missing warranty document. Mead said, “I can’t give it to you because the television was stolen.” Darr kept the television and continued using it.

Darr was guilty of

(A) receiving stolen property only.

(B) larceny only.

(C) receiving stolen property and larceny.

(D) no crime.

Questions 2-3 are based on the following fact situation.

Tom, John and Sam were teenaged boys staying at a summer camp. One evening Vanney, a camp counselor, ordered Tom and John to go to bed immediately after dinner. Outside the dining hall, Tom and John decided to get even with Vanney. Having seen Vanney take medicine for an asthma condition, they agreed to kill Vanney by finding his medicine and throwing it away. Tom and John did not know whether Vanney would die without the medicine, but they both hoped that he would.

Sam, who disliked Vanney, overheard the conversation between Tom and John and hoped that their plan would succeed. He decided to help them without saying anything about it. Going into Vanney’s room, Sam searched through Vanney’s possessions until he found the medicine. Then he put it on a night table so that Tom and John would be sure to find it.

As Tom and John were walking towards Vanney’s room, John decided not to go through with the plan. Because he was afraid that Tom would make fun of him for chickening out, he said nothing to Tom about his change of mind. Instead, saying that he needed to use the bathroom, he ran away. Tom went into Vanney’s room by himself, found the medicine where Sam had left it on the night table, and threw the medicine away. Later that night, Vanney had an asthma attack and died because he was unable to find his medicine.

A statute in the jurisdiction provides that persons the age of Tom, John and Sam are adults for purposes of criminal liability.

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