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State v. Mann

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Brief Fact Summary. The facts of the case are not discussed.

Synopsis of Rule of Law. Solicitation requires the defendant to ask, entice, induce, or counsel another to commit a crime.

Points of Law - Legal Principles in this Case for Law Students.

Solicitation of another to commit a felony is a crime in North Carolina, even though the solicitation is of no effect and the crime solicited is never committed.

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Facts. The facts of the case are not discussed.

Issue. What is the crime of solicitation?

Held. A person commits the crime of solicitation when he asks, induces, or counsels another to commit a crime. The solicitor is the person who develops the criminal idea and furthers its commission through another person.

Discussion. Solicitation is the offense of attempting to bring about a crime, not through one’s own actions, but rather, by inducing others to commit the crime.

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