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Rex v. Manley

Citation. 1 K.B. 529 (1933)
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Brief Fact Summary.

Manley appealed a conviction for making false allegations that caused public mischief.

Synopsis of Rule of Law.

A crime must be defined so that individuals are aware of what conduct constitutes criminal activity under the law.


Manley made false statements to the police claiming that a man hit her and stole her purse. Manley was convicted for making false allegations that caused public mischief. Manley appealed.


Whether public mischief is a crime?


Yes. The judgment against Manley is affirmed. Manley’s actions go against the benefit of the community because she caused law enforcement to waste valuable resources and put citizens in fear of fitting the description of the plaintiff. Manley’s action constitute the umbrella crime of public mischief.


An individual is required to know that his actions go against legal conduct and is punishable by law. Conduct becomes a crime if the defendant has notice that his conduct is against the law.

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