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Boilerplate. Standard provisions commonly employed in contracts of a particular kind, and often set out in preprinted standard form contract blanks.

Boxtop terms. Standard contract terms set out or referenced on a box or other container that includes a product such as goods or software.

Breach of contract. See Materiality; Partial breach; Substantial performance; Total breach.

Browsewrap. Standard contract terms set out on a website or other electronic medium and available to be read by the user (commonly by clicking a link to the terms) before submitting an order for the product or services purchased. Browsewrap differs from clickwrap in that it does not require the user to signify assent to the terms before completing the transaction.

Chancery. The Chancellor’s Court. That is, the court of Equity. See also Equity.

CISG. Abbreviation for the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The CISG governs international sales of goods by parties whose places of business are located in signatory states. The CISG does not apply to consumer transactions or to transactions in which the parties have excluded it by agreement.

Civil law. A general term used to describe the legal system of countries that derive their legal heritage from Roman law.

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