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b. Our text: Therefore, when this book refers to an Article 2 provision, the reference is to the 1990 version of Article 2, which is essentially unchanged since the original promulgation of Article 2 in 1957.

2. Common-law residue: Even in a transaction involving the sale of goods, if the UCC is silent as to a particular question, the case law controls. Thus UCC §1-103(b) provides that the “principles of law and equity” control “unless displaced by the particular provisions of [the UCC].”

B. The Restatements: In order to organize and summarize the American common law of contracts, the American Law Institute published the Restatement of Contracts in 1932. Since then, the Restatement has had enormous importance. A second edition of the Restatement, usually referred to as the Second Restatement of Contracts, was published in 1980 and is frequently cited here.

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