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Constitutional Law

National Power and Federalism

Sixth Edition

Christopher N. May

Professor Emeritus of Law
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

Allan Ides

Christopher N. May Professor of Law
Loyola Law School, Los Angeles


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ISBN 978-1-4548-0524-3

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

May, Christopher N.

Constitutional law : national power and federalism/Christopher N. May, Professor Emeritus of Law

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; Allan Ides, Christopher N. May Professor of Law, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.—Sixth edition.

  pages cm.—(Examples & explanations.)

 Includes index.

 ISBN 978-1-4548-0524-3

1. Constitutional law—United States. 2. Judicial review—United States. 3. Federal government—United States. I. Ides, Allan, 1949- II. Title.

KF4550.M29 2012



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