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We would like to express our appreciation to several people who provided assistance in the preparation of these books, beginning with a special thanks to our student research assistants at Loyola Law School and Washington and Lee University: Lilly Kim (LLS '98), Lauren Raskin (LLS '98), Eric Enson (LLS '99), James V. DeRossitt IV (W&L '96), Ashley DeMoss (W&L '97), Lawrence Striley (W&L '95), Kristen Strain (LLS '01), Kasha Arianne Harshaw (LLS '02), Jessica Levinson (LLS '05), Megan Moore (LLS '07), Gillian Studwell (LLS '07), Daniel Costa (UCLA '11), Mario Grimm (LLS '11), Mashashi Kawaguchi (LLS '11), Vanda Long (UNC '11), Jacquelyn Mohr (LLS '11), Brian Casillas (LLS '14), Lara Kuyumjian (LLS '14), Jason Meyer (LLS '14), Pushkal Mishra (LLS '14), and Ashkahn Mohamadi (LLS '14). Thank you to Aaron Caplan and Justin Levitt for providing helpful comments on the First Amendment Chapters, and additional thanks to Justin Levitt for providing helpful comments on Chapter 8. Thanks also to our secretaries, Ruth Busch and Diane Cochran. In addition, we gratefully acknowledge the financial support provided by Washington and Lee University and by Loyola Law School.

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