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After receiving a copy of the complaint, MCI filed amotion to dismiss the complaint as well as an answer and two claims against Joe Brown, songwriter who wrote all the lyrics to all of the songs on the BB album. In the first claim, MCI seeks indemnity from Brown on the ground that it was his lyrics, rather than their activities, which are to blame, if at all, for the death of the two police officers. The second claim is a breach of contract claim seeking $25,000in damages for Brown’s failure to provide the lyrics to another album in a timely manner. Joe Brown is a citizen of California. Finally, MCI also filed a breach of contract claim against Bob’s Records, claiming that Bob had not paid for a shipment of 1500 records, including 300 copies of the CD by BB. In connection with this claim, MCI soughtdamages in the amount of $50,000.
The Louisiana legislature has enacted the following statute:
“The courts of this state shall have personal jurisdiction over a person, corporation, or otherentity, who, in person or through an agent:
(1) commits a tortious act within the state;
(2) transacts business within the state;
(3) owns property within the state; or
(4) is personally served within the state.”

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