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Bayliss v. Bayliss

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Citation. 550 So. 2d 986,1989 Ala.

Brief Fact Summary. A divorced father did not want to pay for the college education of his son.

Synopsis of Rule of Law. Children of divorced parents, who are minors at the time of divorce, are given the same right to a college education before and after they reach the age of majority that they probably would have received if their parents had not divorced.

Facts. Patrick Bayliss is the son of Cherry Bayliss (Plaintiff) and John Bayliss (Defendant). His parents divorced. When he turned 18, his mother sought to have Defendant help her pay for his college education.

Issue. Do parents of post-minority support children have to pay for the college education of children if the marriage was terminated by divorce, if the parents would have paid for it had they stayed together?

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