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United States v. Leon

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Citation. 468 U.S. 897, 104 S. Ct. 3430, 104 S. Ct. 3405, 82 L. Ed. 2d 677 (1984)

Brief Fact Summary. A search warrant was issued to search the Respondent, Leon’s (the “respondent”) residence wherein a large quantity of illegal drugs was found. The affidavit upon which the search warrant was issued was found to be insufficient on its face. The evidence was suppressed at trial.

Synopsis of Rule of Law. Reasonable reliance upon an otherwise invalid search warrant does not render evidence obtained during the search inadmissible.

Facts. Fact summary omitted from case. See brief description above.

Issue. Whether evidence obtained under a search warrant issued by a neutral and detached judge, but ultimately found to be unsupported by probable cause shall be excluded?

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