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1. PLAIN VIEW Texas v. Brown (1983) Facts: During a lawful car stop, a police officer saw an opaque, green party balloon, knotted near the tip, fall from the D's hand; when the D opened the glove compartment to retrieve his license, the officer saw small plastic vials, loose white powder, and more balloons. The officer's experience making drug arrests led him to believe that the balloon contained drugs, and so the officer seized the single balloon and arrested the D. A lawful inventory of the car uncovered heroin that was admitted at the D's trial for drug crimes. ...

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Embry v. Hargadine-McKittrick Dry Goods Co. (1907) Facts: Embry, a fired employee, claimed that McKittrick had promised to renew his contract. McKittrick denied that he ever made such a promise. The judge told the jury that unless both parties subjectively intended to form an employment contract, no contract exists, even if McKittrick did promise to renew the contract. ...

Winston v. Lee
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